What is Karate?

There are some limits to the strengths of our minds and bodies. But, with the proper training, those limitations can be overcome and one can develop surprisingly devastating strength.

The art of Karate is a martial art, which was devised to strengthen our weaknesses and limitations. Karate is based on many various techniques of blocking, punching, kicking and other complex movements of the body. In training each of the techniques makes use of every kinds of danger or attack from any direction in order to protect oneself. There is no mystery or magic to the tremendous feats of inspiration and reaction of the human body. This is something anyone can learn with properly organized and systematic training of one's mind and body.

Karate has been developed from techniques of self-defense from the past; however, its objective is not to stop at the learning of the superficial movements. It can show the way for us to seek unlimited expansion of the human mental and physical power. In order to do this, we learn the self-defense techniques which place us in the most basic stand, the weaponless human being. In this respect, karate differs importantly from other sports. It is for this reason that it is called a martial art or the physical and mental art.

The early form of karate was developed in China and found its way to Okinawa, then Japan, where it was developed into a scientific and systematic art of self-defense, taught for its value in mental and physical development, along with its sport aspect. Karate is spreading rapidly throughout the world and it is becoming more popular year after year.